Project Description

Shipping out to Oregon


Design Objective:

Lightweight car (sub 400lbs)
Finish the endurance race

Technical Sheet:

Weight: 375lbs (full fuel tank)
Wheelbase: 58 in
Track: 58 in
Suspension: Front and rear double wishbone with Fox Float X Evol shocks
Drivetrain: CVTech IBC Baja CVT with custom gearbox

Competition Results:

Baja SAE Oregon: Car #17

  • 22nd Overall
    • 4th Sales Presentation
    • 12th Overall Design
      • 8th Design Presentation
      • 27th Design Report
    • 15th Acceleration
    • 16th Maneuverability
    • 26th Cost
    • 26th Endurance (completed race)

McGill Baja Racing finishing endurance for the first time since 2003

Baja SAE Wisconsin: Car #27

  • 29th Overall
    • 17th Maneuverability
    • 20th Overall Design
      • 14th Design Report
      • 22nd Design Presentation
    • 20th Sled Pull
    • 29th Acceleration
    • 35th Endurance

Midnight Mayhem 4

  • 6th Place

Build Pictures

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