Project Description


Design Objective

Improve reliability
Leakproof drivetrain

Technical Sheet

Wheelbase: 62 in
Track: 64 in
Weight: 420 lbs
Front suspension: double wishbone with Fox Float shocks
Rear Suspension: semi trailing arms with Fox Float shocks
Drivetrain: CVTech CVT with custom gearbox (58km/hr tested top speed)
Custom pedal Assembly
Lexan body panels

Competition Results

  • Car #62: Baja SAE Illinois 2008

49th out of 115 teams
35th in endurance

  • Car #27: Baja SAE Montreal 2008

72th out of 120 teams

  • Car #27: Epreuve du Nord IV

7th out of 15 cars (first alledged McGill endurance finish)

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