Team Updates

Another Contribution!

We would like to thank Marie-Eve Demers for her wonderful contribution to our Indeigogo Funding Campaign!!

Indiegogo Contributions

The McGill Baja Racing Team would like to thank Kristen Crowley and Amanda Huginkis for their wonderful contributions to our Indiegogo Campaign!

First Indiegogo Contributor!

I would like thank Thomas Menzefricke for being our first Indiegogo contributor!

Indiegogo Campaign

The McGill Baja Racing Team has just launched its Indiegogo campaign. Take a look at the link below to check out our story and learn how to contribute.

A Big Welcome to our Newest Sponsor, Podio!

Thanks to Podio, we keep work simple. The McGill Baja Racing team would like to thank Podio for agreeing to sponsor us as we continue to grow more successful over the years! Podio is a project management software that we will be using to improve team communication and organization. With a user-friendly interface capable of…

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A Strong Finish to the Season: Illinois

Our final competition has come and gone, but it was not without its own hard work and excitement. Fifteen members of the team made their way to the Caterpillar Testing Facility in Edwards, Illinois for the third and final SAE competition in early June. Just as important as the past two competitions, we would need…

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Updates from Illinois! Day 1

We’re going to do our best to keep you updating on our final competition of the season. Keep checking up on us each day for more exciting news! — Another big thanks goes out to our friends at École Polytechnique de Montréal for driving our baja and equipment to competition! You guys are the best!…

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Competition Season – Stage 2: Kansas

On the afternoon of May 20th, the team began their trip to their second competition of the season, this time in Pittsburg, Kansas. Despite some struggles in Texas, spirits were high that we would perform better and move closer to the top of the Mike Schmidt standings. Day 1 – Engine Tech, Sales Presentation, and…

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Updates from Kansas! Day 3

Day 3 began as a continuation of Day 2. Late into the night and again in the morning, the team worked to solve our problem of locking brakes. Fortunately in the early afternoon, we solved this problem and passed the brake test, which brought a proper beginning to our dynamics day. We began with acceleration…

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Updates from Kansas! Day 2

Day 2 began with Technical Inspection. It went nearly perfect, but there were a few small modifications that needed to be made. After a few hours work, the changes we made were successful as we passed the inspection before lunch. Following much preparation, the team presented their design to a panel of judges. We were…

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