Our History, Part 2

With the turn of the millennia, plus a couple of years, we sorted things out here at McGill and began keeping better records. However, to keep things simple, we thought that we would share with you the competition results, and all the beautiful faces of past team members (More detailed information about the cars is available at request).


Captain: Francis Lambert

66th / 122 overall

Mini Baja Midwest Competition in Troy, Ohio



Captain: Samuel Baker

38th / 62 overall

Mini Baja East Competition in Bromont, Quebec



Co-Captains: Tom Stacey and Rich Persaud

37th/71 overall

Mini Baja East Competition in Palmyra, New York



C0-Captains: Sam Baker, David Kr├╝ger

30th/84 overall

Mini Baja West Competition in Portland, Oregon



Co-Captains: Sam Baker and Cody Irwin

64th/126 overall

Mini Baja Rochester Institute of Technology World Challenge


Co-Captains: Daniel Oyama and Nick Gervasi

49th/94 overall

Baja SAE Illinois Competition

73rd/106 overall

Baja SAE Montreal Competition


If you have any information about the history of McGill Baja or would like to learn more, please contact us at david.currie@mail.mcgill.ca.


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