A Big Welcome to our Newest Sponsor, Podio!

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Thanks to Podio, we keep work simple.

The McGill Baja Racing team would like to thank Podio for agreeing to sponsor us as we continue to grow more successful over the years!

Podio is a project management software that we will be using to improve team communication and organization. With a user-friendly interface capable of supporting various complexities of projects and tasks, our team members will use Podio to send messages to each other, post comments online, and keep everybody updated on their personal projects, as well as be able to quickly check up on others and their work. Organizing meetings, scheduling events, and keeping the entire team informed on a day to day basis will now be much more straightforward thanks to this new software.

Feel free to visit their website at www.podio.com. If you are also interested in being sponsored by Podio, more information can be found at this link.

Posted on August 15, 2014 in Team updates

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