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Hey guys, I’m a third-year Mechanical Engineering student here at McGill working as this year’s Captain. In my first year on the team I became familiar with the vehicles and worked on my NX abilities preparing me to design the Frame last year. I’ve learned how to weld, sandblast, rivet, solder, angle-grind, operate a drill press and countless other useful shop skills while on the design side I’ve learned about working with other systems, preparing drawings, and designing for manufacturing. As Captain, I’m heavily involved in the team’s finances as I budget for the purchasing of materials and services, but I also assist technical directors in managing subsystem leaders’ designs and manufacturing plans.


Ilias Hurley

Technical Co-Director

5th year on the team

I’m a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student, and I’ve been on the Baja team since my first semester at McGill. In the past, I’ve designed the seat, steering system, and drivetrain subsystems. This year I’m the technical director, supervising the design process and ensuring all systems are well-integrated into the car. Being part of the Baja team has truly enhanced my university experience, giving me an opportunity to collaborate with other engineering students and apply the skills I’ve learned in class.

Subteam Leaders

Neil Lui

CVT Subteam Leader

3rd year on the team

Hey! I am a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student. Much of my engineering skills and experience originate from my time with the team. I worked on the carbon fiber seat on my first year then the ergonomic pedals afterward. Currently, I am designing and manufacturing a continuously-variable transmission which would autonomously control our car’s “gear shifts” during competition. It seemed daunting at first however, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and hope to learn even more in the future.

Joseph Jeon
Body Panels Subteam Leader
1st year on the team
Hello! I’m a first-year Mechanical Engineering student, and I always liked building things, especially Legos, and knowing how things work. It prompted me to want to join the Baja team, to get to know the inner workings of the car but also to apply what I’ve learned in class to the real world. By learning how to CAD and design the body panels for the car, I got to know the Baja project and I’m definitely looking forward to continuing learning about the car in my next years at McGill!

Louisa Oualim

Frame Subteam Leader
3rd year on the team
Hi! I’m a U3 Mechanical Engineering student, and I’m designing the frame this year. Last year I designed the removable gas tank and was responsible for pitting and refueling during competitions. In the three years I’ve been on the team I’ve had the opportunity road trip with the team to seven competitions, meet and work with incredible people, and truly take my engineering education to a whole new level. I’m super excited to apply my Baja experience and my design knowledge from classes to this year’s car and pass on my skill sets to the newest members of the team!

1st year on the team
Hey! I am a U3 Mechanical Engineering student and this is my first year on the McGill Baja Team. I am the CVT Cooling sub-team leader this year. I designed MB18’s CVT casing to be optimized with both fit and finish as well as proper temperature control for the CVT. I have also helped a little with the CVT and drive train teams.

Thomas Lee
Gearbox Subteam Leader
3rd year on the team
I’m a U3 Mechanical Engineering student and this is my 3rd year on the team. For this year’s car, I’m designing the drivetrain system as part of my capstone project. I’m in charge of the gearbox, engine mounts, and final drive. Our main goal is to optimize packaging and power efficiency by making smaller and lighter components.

Salar Jalali
Seat and Ergonomics Subteam Leader
1st year on the team
Hello! I’m a first-year Civil Engineering student and I got to know the Baja project this year, as I was entering university. By designing the seat and learning the intricacies of the overall project, I got to apply the knowledge of some of my classes to the real world. It’s especially rewarding to be part of such an awesome team and to see the car come together in the shop. Continuing to participate in the team in the next few years is definitely on the map!

Veronica Shaheen

Steering Subteam Leader

3rd year on the team

Hey! I’m a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. I joined Baja because I wanted to work with awesome people who have a similar goal as me. This year I will be designing the steering system, improving on last year’s design and failures. Joining this design team has been the best decision of my university experience. I got the chance to meet incredible people, travel to different competitions, and learn things that school can’t offer. I am looking forward to designing and building a winning Baja!

Austin Chan

Suspension Subteam Leader

3rd year on the team
Since I joined McGill Baja Racing I’ve worked on many parts of the car, having led the seat and steering subsystems. As a U3 Mechanical Engineering major also taking a minor in Operations Management, I find Baja a great way to apply my in-class knowledge to a real-life project. Through the team, I’ve gained tons of experience with CAD modeling, finite element analysis, and team organization. This year, I’m working on suspension design to improve vehicle performance and ensure our team’s success at our summer competitions.

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McGill Baja Racing
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